Transport services

Road domestic transport

The company Cargo Trans provides you with domestic transport services for general and hazardous goods (ADR) using transport means ranging between 3.5 tones and 22 tones and volumes between 35 cubic meters and 100 cubic meters.
-- We cover 100% of all the places on the Romanian territory.

International road transport

Cargo Trans provides you with international transport services:
- Fully equipped lorries all over the territory of the European Community, for both import and export;
- - Transport partitions of goods as grouping or consolidated trucks in Europe, to or from Romania

about us

CARGO TRANS S.R.L. is a private capital trading company set up in 2004 with the main mission activities of dispatching and transporting of goods both at the intern and international levels. Our company was set up to promote staff with more than 10 years experience in this field, as well as junior-level staff. In other words, we tried to combine the professionalism acquired by the first with the flexibility of the latter.

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